Historic Restorations

Preserving the past. Rethinking the future.

We have always seen ourselves as stewards of the environment, believing we can make a difference by taking a smart and responsible approach to development. Our newest division, Erkiletian Historic Restorations, solidifies our earnest commitment to preserving history and evolving the way we coexist with the environment.

Our mission is two-fold: to accurately restorerather than just rebuildhistoric properties; and to rethink modern American living by employing the latest in green building techniques that achieve harmony with their surroundings. We recognize that many historic properties, by necessity, are green buildings and, in many ways, innovative in their relationship to the environment, often making use of natural light and taking advantage of wind patterns. We take these lessons learned from historic buildings and combine them with new technologies to create a holistic approach to green building.

  • Sustainable design and construction
  • Green architecture and building
  • Historic property preservation
  • Energy-efficient systems
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Passive solar energy design
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